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Has anyone here heard of or from Jules in England. He used to have quite a
stash and an iguana before he moved over the Saxony. I know he's back in
England, or he was circa 2012. I had an email from him and was going to re
spond but the computer developed a "sleeping sickness" and I didn't get my
messages off and efforts to get my son the tech to look into it have gotten
nowhere. (Surprise!)
I'd like to get in touch with him and asking here occurred to me the othe
r night as I was going to sleep.
Not connected to this but I'm working on some Modelhaus and F&F resin Mer
curys at present. The F&F is a '64 4-dr. hardtop and the Modelhaus is a '6
3 Park Lane Breezeway hardtop. This will use up two of those re-issued AMT
Marauder kits I stocked up on.
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