What was the topic of this group again?

Seems to have gotten out of hand. Go someplace else to discuss politics.
Pete Stanaitis
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That is pointless, they simply do not care. If the poster in question is just a spammer, he (or she) will never read your message here. If he is a real person, you might have some success by going to one of his regular groups (if any) and badger him there.
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John Doe
New here, eh, kid?
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Steve B
Remember there are two ways to improve the signal-to-noise ratio, so if you can't cut the noise, provide more signal. So what did you want to talk about?
Maybe if we flood the group with On-Topic they'll be too busy to spew (yeah, right).
Google groups* really needs a way to filter out crossposts...
--Glenn Lyford
I know, and I would prefer a real newsreader too, but I access from multiple computers and it's the only way I've found that lets me keep my place on all of them. --G
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Glenn Lyford
What's that Lassie? You say that Glenn Lyford fell down the old rec.crafts.metalworking mine and will die if we don't mount a rescue by Wed, 7 Jul 2010 05:04:18 -0700 (PDT):
you might look into getting a newsreader that can run from a flash drive, or one that can keep a record of what you've read/not read. I believe Agent can do this.
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Agent, and Eudora, both do that automatically.
Brian Lawson
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Brian Lawson

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