Where to find springy metal strips?

I have a project that requires a few strips of springy metal about half inch wide by 12 inch long.

The same black metal used to make metal binder clips would be perfect:

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Any idea where to buy such material?

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-- Winston

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Pallet strapping. Gotta be in a hundred dumpsters in your area, or uline.com if you must buy it.

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Richard J Kinch


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Hacksaw blades???

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Jim Wilkins

I'll second that -- that's exactly what I used when faced with a similar need recently.

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Doug Miller

Feeler gauge stock is .001 thru .125 thick, 1/2" wide, and comes in

12" lengths and long rolls. See McMaster p.2273
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Ned Simmons

There's meters of such metal inside every brokedown tape measure (of the spring-rewind type).

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a.k.a. "negator spring"

Best regards, Spehro Pefhany

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Spehro Pefhany

Dull band saw blades. Takes very little time to grind the teeth off. Many of the guys here have the 4 X 6 bandsaws that take a 1/2" wide, .025" thick blade that is 64 1/2" long. The banding material discussed by others will stay bent if stressed very far. These band saw blades are a lot closer to to a "spring", I'd say.

You could probably go to any fab shop and ask politely for a used, dull band saw blade. The commercial ones are wider and thicker, but there is often a small band saw someplace around.

Pete Stanaitis


james wrote:

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