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I am a radio restorer hobbyist. Occasionally an old radio need a bezel, the
metal or plastic face around the tuning indicator (see
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Some of the more
popular bezels are available as reproductions. Therefore I have some
1) Where in the Pittsburgh area would I find someone to make one of these
2) What is this service called (CNC Machine, Machining, Fabrication, what
would I look for in the yellow pages)?
2) About how much would it cost me* (too much makes restoring the radio not
3) What could I do to reduce costs (supply a Visio, ACAD or simple line
drawing image of the bezel)?.
A typical bezel is about 12" x 6" x 1/8 - 1/4" and made from plastic,
plasticon, catlin or bakelite (Material is not important. Only the overall
Often a good original is not available. So, making one from a drawing is
one of the few options available.
The example picture is for look and detail. This particular Bezel is
stamped metal and spray painted with automotive GM Gold paint. However it
would not be unimaginable to replace a missing stamped metal bezel with a
milled reproduction.
Thanks for your time,
paul at ppinyot dot com
P.S. if your in the Pittsburgh, PA area do you give tours to Boy Scouts and
Cub Scouts?
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Thanks again.
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Paul P
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"Paul P" wrote in news:KTXZd.398917$ snipped-for-privacy@bgtnsc05-news.ops.worldnet.att.net:
Getting one-offs made from plastic would be a major cost. Getting them milled from aluminum, not so much. Still you will have the cost of the CAM programmer, tools, materials and time. One-off is much more expensive than 10. A 3-D model in a semi-universal compatible format (IGES, STEP, 3dDFX) would be the least costly method of transfering the part design to the machine shop, as they can import the file pretty much directly into the CAM system they use (Saves the time the CAM programmer would have to spend to draw it up in 3-D). Most popular 3-d capable CAD packages will save to a universal format. Sam may be interested in doing some of these if they are aluminum, although he isn't in Pitt...
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Make some extras and sell on Ebay over time maybe.
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When I hear "bezel", I'm thinking watch crystal/thingy. What you are talking about seems more like a "faceplate", what w/ the cutouts for knobs, tuning dial, etc., and mebbe a chamfered edge running around, etc. We've made such things from 1/8" brass.
In my old shop, mebbe a cupla hundred, mebbe less--also depends on if you machine both side: the "outside", that likely has the edge bevel, and then sometimes the inside, to sort of "hollow out" the plate, so it can accommodate chassis nuts, washers, etc. IOW, altho the total thickness of the piece might be 3/16", if you mic'd the thickness at any point, it might only be 1/16. IOW, like a sheet metal product.
The idea of making more to drastically reduce per pc cost, and unloading on ebay seems good. If one cost, say, $200, four might cost $300, depending on finishing, etc. We got a guy who can finish the crap out of these things.
You might also be able to get a better price if you could--somehow--convince the shop owner you'd be a regular customer, w/ these bezels/faceplates. Even tho still a one'sie/two'sie type deal, a familiar face gets a better break than a one-shot never-see'em-again type deal.
For a local shop, let yer fingers do the walking, under "machine shops", even tho you are mostly talking "cnc machining". If they leave you weak in the knees, email me and I can put you in contact w/ the fellow who would do the work, in NYC (Queens). Best if you supplied material.
Oh yeah, we no need no stinkin cad. Any drawing will do. Some shops are indeed more particular, but most small shops don't care.
You use Visio?? Man, did they soak me. AND, I lost the effing disk!!!!! ---------------------------- Mr. P.V.'d formerly Droll Troll "Paul P" wrote in message news:KTXZd.398917$ snipped-for-privacy@bgtnsc05-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
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