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How do you load multiple programs into a Fanuc 16I control? I have a main
and 8 subs. Percent sign at the beginning and end only. Subs end in M99 of
course. The machine is a Toyoda FH30
any help would be appriciated!
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Rick Lucchetti
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% :0001 G90 etc... M30 :0002 G90 etc... M30 :0003 G90 etc... M30 %
used to work for Fanuc 0 controls.
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Last I knew, you couldn't. Not by any conventional method, anyway.=20
What you *can* do is put all the programs in one file.=20 Don't separate them with a percent sign.
% O1234 (program body) M99 O0001 (program body) M99 O0002 (program body) M99 O0003 (program body) M99 %
Keep in mind that no matter what the program numbers are for you sub's, the Fanuc controller will re-number them sequentially after the first program number you tell it to take.
Main Program =3D O1234 Sub 1 =3DO1235 Sub 2 =3DO1236 etc,etc,etc.....
You just have to remember to edit the program number on all the subs.
Disclaimer:=20 This is the way it worked on the older Fanuc's, 2t,3t,6tb,10t,0t & 0tt. Don't know squat about the 16i. Ever noticed what happens when you mistakenly entered an O, instead of a Zero in the program body? You only get part of your program. Everything after the controller read that O got entered into a different program, one digit higher than the one you started with.
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Matt Stawicki
Matt Stawicki wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@4ax.com:
That's a parameter setting for renumbering the programs. Even on the older controls. If this is driving anyone nuts, let me know the control model and I'll dig up the parameter for you to change. To input/output multiple programs you can always use -9999 or . As Matt says they all need to be in the same file. When output they will be output into one file. The newer controls have soft keys that offer a or option, but the -9999 command still works. You can also use - 9999 to delete all of the programs when you are done with them.
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Dan Murphy
on our 21m we save and load programs by entering Oxxxx, Oxxxx and pressing the punch button
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jay s

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