Welding equip want to add mig/fluxcore capability

I'll apologize in advance for being somewhat vague about what I'm after. And probably for using more verbosity than is really necessary.

A first word about my experience: 35 yrs of all kinds of welding. Lots and lots of stick and heli-arc in just about any conditions you can imagine.

Also extended periods of heavy mig work... and heavy flux core. Again, in most any conditions where those processes are commonly used. So, no shortage of a wide variety of experience, mostly I've used the kind of heavy duty equipment made for industrial use.

For most of that time... it was up to my employer[s] to have whatever equipment was practicle for a specific job.

My current setup is a miller "trailblazer 302 (gas) and set of oxy-aceteline bottles mounted on an ancient Ford 1 ton flat bed

So, not so experienced in setting up something to extend my current equipment and capablities to include mig / fluxcore.

Looking for some advice from experienced welders regarding what piece[s] of equipment to add to my current setup to give me mig and flux core capability.

In practicle terms... the heaviest work I'm likely to get might be 3/4 iron on heavy earth moving equipment or the like. But, most likely something falling from 14 gauge to 1/2" range.

So, I want to have mig and fluxcore capabilty up to the 300+ amps my `trailblazer' is capable of.

I know there are quite a few pieces of equipment that can be integrated into the `trailblazer' power source. Even plug and play type of units that would just be using the Trailblazer as a wall plug.

What piece[s] of equpment would best give the extended mig/flux core capability and be the most versatile?

I'd like something a bit bigger than even the highest rated 120 volt wall plug units so please tell me about equipment that can handle from the smaller decimal wire sized up to 1/8 - 3/16 wire.

I'd especially like to hear from folks who have experience with the equipment and can vouch for its versatility and ability to stand up to the work.

(Oh, and a final word regarding budget... I'd definitely want to stay below $2000. The farther below the better..)

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Harry Putnam
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LN25 "suitcase" is typically up near $1800 used, dunno how well it plays with your power source (does that do CV and CC or only CC - plus the whole red .vs. blue machine issue...) I suppose blue has something to compete with it?? I know it will plug right into a red portable.

Readywelder covers the lower cost end pretty well, especially if your rig can do CV. But I don't think it runs any 3/16 wire.

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