mig welding 'burn back time'??

Hi, I am a technology teacher here in Tasmania Australia. I am a quiet member of the forum, but I now have a problem that someone may be able to solve. . What does the 'BURN BACK TIME' on MIG welders do? It is usually inside the cabinet on the Aus machines and is obviously not to be adjusted often. Any ideas guys? Cheers John

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If burnback is set incorrectly you either have a long wire sticking in the cooling puddle when you release the trigger or the wire burns back up to the contact tip and sticks in the tip. When you release the trigger you want the wire feed motor to stop feeding then a very short time later the power/welding current should shut off. Some machines have the burnback adjustment on the front of the feeder. When it is readily available it becomes a magnet for every fool's attention. After that fool has used the machine, of course... it is your turn to use the machine. Randy

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R. Zimmerman

When you let off the trigger, it keeps welding for an instant with the wire rollers off. This keeps you from getting the wire stuck in the puddle every time.


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Steve B

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That was a classic example of "Zimmer Prose". > If burnback is set incorrectly you either have a long wire sticking in

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