E7031 question

I stopped by a friends shop yesterday and he had a freind of his welding a
.625" plate he was stick welding to the rear of an old international dump
truck. I asked what rod he was using and the one guy said "7031" (it looked
like 3/16" or 1/4" dia.)
Let me know if i have this straight since i do very little stick welding
(all i ever use is 1/8" 6013 rod and it's rare, usually grab the mig) but
the "70" means it's 70,000psi, the "3" is flat position, (which i thought
"1" would be better since he was stitching up in a vertical position) and
the "1" would be ac, dcep or en.
I have never seen 7031 electrodes, could he have meant 7013?
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Looking in my Modern Welding textbook, pages 250 and 251, I cannot find a listing for either the 7013 or 7031. There are some xx13 rods, but no xx31 rods. It lists E6013, E 8013-X, E9013-X, and E10013-X. The X designates the chemical composition of the deposited metal. In the EXX13, the 1 designation means it is an all position rod, and the 3 indicates it is high-titania, potassium covering. XX is a substitution for the tensile strength in thousands of pounds, so E6013 would be 60,000 psi tensile strength. If it were a E10013, it would have 100,000 psi tensile strength. The E indicates "a welding electrode used in arc welding."
I would take a close look at those, and bring one home. If you can give me the letters on it, I can look it up here.
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The next to last number is the position it can be welded, 1 meaning all positions. The last number is the coating, and requires a chart (of which I have one) to look up the metal composition of the coating.
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