What key for this chuck?

I just got a drill chuck marked RJ3-16L It's a 5/8 chuck. What key will fit this chuck?

BTW Is it any way I can check if it's a ball bearing chuck or not?

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Good information - the RJ3 is the key as I recall. Jacobs IIRC.

BB stands for ball bearing - I think a look at a web site for chucks might help. But there are so many versions and sizes you will have to verify.


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I went through a lot recently to find a particular chuck key myself. I think I found some tables for chuck keys in the MSC catalog. The shank diameter of the key seems to be the "key". Measure the diameter of the key's hole in the chuck. Also, in those tables, I think they go by chuck numbers such as you have here.

If this 5/8" chuck has a 1 1/2"-8 threaded back, then you probably don't want to fool with it and you should just get rid of it, cheap, to me.

Pete Stanaitis


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