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I've got a mangy old benchtop drill press that's still in reasonably good
shape for rough work, but the teeth on the chuck key are almost completely
worn out. If I could find a replacement key I could keep this old soldier
going for quite a while. Does anyone know of a table for the Jacobs chuck
keys that has the critical dimensions for each of the keys? If I could find
this information I could just take the dimensions off the old one and look
up a replacement.
Thanks in advance,
Tom Dacon
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Tom Dacon
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I have the Jacobs catalog here, there is such a table (limited dimensional info) in it. If you know the chuck model (marked on the body) it's even easier than measuring. If the chuck isn't marked (some weren't, depends on age and other factors), then measure the pilot of the key and your choices are very much narrowed at that point.
If you want, I can scan the page in and send to you by email.
Time for a plug, hope nobody minds. If you or anybody else has old drill chucks that need repair, I do chuck repairs at very reasonable rates (keyed, keyless, even Wahlstrom automatic). I even have a decent stock of new old stock parts which the manufacturer (Jacobs, now a Danaher company) is now reluctant to sell (seems they consider some of their smaller products disposable, they don't even support the drilling of small holes like they used to).
John Sullivan
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John Sullivan
The J and L Industrial Catalog has such a table. You can probably find it at their web site <
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"Tom Dacon" wrote in message
Does anyone know of a table for the Jacobs chuck
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Dan Caster
Thank you, John - I'd appreciate your scanning and emailing me the Jacobs chuck key page. My real (unspoofed) email address is Tom at
Since you're probably familiar with a wide range of chucks, the one I'm looking for a chuck key for appears to be Taiwanese, has an MT2 taper, and is marked "JEACHIN CHUCK 1/16-5/8". It's on a desktop drill press, and the manufacturer's plate reads:
Journeyman Drilling Machine Model C114X Serial # 9722 Trade Associates, Inc. Seattle, WA
BTW, I'd suggest that you set up your news reader to spoof your own email address, to remove one source of spam. Some practitioners harvest email addresses from the newsgroups.
Thanks, Tom Dacon
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Tom Dacon

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