Chuck Key for Lodge & Shipley Collet Chuck

I am looking for a key to actuate the closer on a collet chuck I
acquired. The chuck is a Lodge & Shipley collet chuck that fits an L-1
spindle, the key must have a "gear" on the end similar to what you
would see on a regular drill chuck? This is from a machine that I would
guess is of 1940's vintage, probably surplus military? Anybody got one
to sell, or maybe a sample that I can copy? Pictures of the chuck and
collets can be found at the supplied link:
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According to 1968fj40 :
What are the odds of a drill chuck key working? There are a lot of sizes. The important factors are the size of the pilot (determined by the size of the hole in the chuck) and the gear pitch ( a bit awkward to measure, here, I'm afraid).
Maybe so -- but that URL wants me to register with Yahoo. I don't play that game -- and I wouldn't even if I owned a ReedPrentice lathe. :-)
Enjoy, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols

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