Mistery Plane?

I posted a picture of an airplane I am not able to identify on alt. binaries.models.scale. Picture was taken at a recent airshow and posted on a digital photo site.

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Jack G
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I assume you mean the last photo, and *not* the "rocket rig"...lol.

I believe the plane is a Curtiss XF-15C, of the late WWII to early postwar era. There were only three built. I was unaware that any survived. (If I have indeed identified it correctly....)

Airmodel made a "kit" at one time....

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Greg Heilers

I was going to suggest the Ryan FR-1 Fireball, but it didn't have the T tail. That Airshow must have been at Windsor Locks, Connecticut. The New England Air Museum has XF15C-1 serial No. 01215.


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Gary Warwick

It's now at Quonset Pt., RI. There's a buddling little museum in one of the old NAS hangars. The Airfield is a joint civil/ANG airport. General Dynamics owns most of the interior buildings.

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James D. Young II

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