Monogram Pro Modeler F-4e in 1/48

Just saw this kit on ebay and am wondering if it is new or some kind
of re-issue? If it is new, how does it compare to the Hasegawa
offering? What squadrons are on the decal sheet? It looks to be
early production; am I right?
Any opinions are welcomed. Thanks, Jack
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JP Wade
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This is the Hasegawa kit in the Pro modeler box. I'm not sure if it has the hard or slatted wings, I haven't looked at the kit in person yet.
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Reviews are saying the hard wing
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Shawn Hull
It's the hard wing. Steve
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Steve Jahn
Which is different from the original Hasegawa offering, correct? Anything else different about it? Thanks for the input - Jack
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JP Wade
Hasegawa has a special markings kit of a Vietnam-era F-4E out right now as well. IIRC, it's got the hard wing as welll. When I glanced at it. it was C$10.00 more than the Revellogram boxing, which was still about $40.00 or so : (
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Jeff C

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