Monogram 1/48 F-102, anyone built?

I got one at my local H***y L***y . I really like the so called
century series (I will probably pass out when Trumpeter actually
releases the F-105) and would like to hear from anyone who has built
this kit. Any comments and suggestions welcomed.
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I built the original F-102 issue several years ago, but my overall recollection is it's an excellent kit. I was surprised the long wing/fuselage joint needed almost no filling. The intake/fuselage joint needed some careful sanding, but the finished curve looks good. There are nice details in the cockpit and weapons bays (I built the missile bay open and Falcons displayed, but I think there's a solid belly plate if you want the doors closed). Yes, the panel lines are raised (gasp), but the thing really looks like an F-102. I want to do another now that they're re-issued the one with the alternative wingtips (Case X or XX?).
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Regarding the F102 wing being way too thick. Is that completely true? The Avro Vulcan, Gloster Javelin, Saab Viggen, and Dassault Mirage- all with delta wings - have thick aeleron trailing edges. I know they call them something else if the marketing department's are feeling groovy at the time - flaperons or whatever. I wish I'd been able to measure, but at least an inch I'd guess. I'm not sure if it's just a delta wing phenomenom. The inner flaps were more normal - sharper, but not knife edge. Any other observations/confirmations on deltas here? Chek
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Ken, Thanks for your most excellent response. Just what NG's should be about, ideally. Cheers Chek
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