1/32 Crusader question

the naval version is out now. can anyone offer any info as to how
different other variants may be? I've always bought the Trumpeter
1/32 kits when they first come out and then wonder how different the
other versions really are and if I should have waited or not.
My only knowledge of the Crusader is from the movie Thirteen Days, yes
a novice in every way. From what I have read, the Navy version was
the primary version
Santa needs to know !
thx - Craig
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F8U-1/F-8A: Initial production version with smaller nose, no belly strakes, no bulge on the port side of the fuselage for the refuelling probe bay. Bulges were later retrofitted. F8U-1P/RF-8A: First photo recon version, made famous by John Glenn's "Project Bullet" transcontinental supersonic flight. F8U-1E/F-8B: Added refuelling probe/bulged bay. F8U-2/F-8C: Added belly strakes and underwing stores. F8U-2N/F-8D: Improved F-8C. F-8E: New nosecone for bigger radar. Also built as the F-8E(FN) for the French Navy, with some hardware differences. RF-8G: Remanufactured RF-1A with many of the later model's improvements. F-8H: Remanufactured F-8D with A-7 Corsair II landing gear, F-8E nose and other upgrades. Some exported to the Philippine Air Force. F-8J: Remanufactured F-8E. F-8K: Remanufactured F-8C. F-8L: Remanufactured F-8B. F-8C NASA version: Rebuilt with alternate wings to test new aerodynamic designs. F8U-1T/TF-8A: One-off tandem-seater trainer. F8U-3: One-off enlargened redesign, built to compete with the F4H Phantom II. Stephen "FPilot" Bierce/IPMS #35922
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Stephen Bierce
The F-8E(FN) was the same as the later F-8J. The main differences from the F-8E were larger stabs and double droop leading edge flaps.
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Dave Williams
I knew a retired Tomcat driver down at NAS Kingsville that like to say that he "survived" flying F-8s...that's about all I know about them...I didn't know they were used other than for Naval service.
Here's someone that has them:
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