Late 1960's, Early 1970's 1/32 Phantom ??

Danged if I can figure out what F4 was in service when...
The Tamiya kit #60306 is the Navy version I want, not the SEA camo
this time around... One set of decals is for a bicentennial version
but I can't tell what date of the other decals are for....
Just looking for a version when the war was going hot and heavy...
thx - Craig
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In the late '60s - early '70s, Revell had an F-4E & F-4J & ISTR also an RF-4C, but it may have been later on. I also think Micro Scale had decal sets for them. Maybe this helps.
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The USAF had all of its fighter models by then (C, D and E), and operational in SEA. Not certain without checking references whether the RF-4C and F-4G were there as well. I think the RF-4C was there, and the F-4G might have started to show up near the end.
Navy had B and J models in the fray, maybe some N later on. I don't think the S saw combat in SEA, but again, I might have my dates wrong on that. The RF-4B was certainly available, but I don't now if it saw action.
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Rob van Riel
The Wild Weasel F-4G never saw combat in Vietnam.
The F-4C Wild Weasel IV (the so-called "EF-4C") saw combat with the 67 TFS from Korat RTAFB during the Linebacker raids. This version was externally similar to the standard F-4C.
Incidentally, the US Navy also had a version known as the F-4G. Twelve F-4Bs were fitted with the AN/ASW-21 digital datalink while gave them an automatic carrier landing capability. This version *was* used in combat, one was lost to ground fire. The survivors were returned to F-4B standard.
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Enzo Matrix

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