Lindberg or other 1/32 older car kits wheel & Aurora Demolition Derby Qs

I recently won an old built Aurora Demolition Derby car on eBay. (Way
back when I was in the 4th grade (about 1970 I guess) a fellow student
gave me one for Christmas when we drew names. Who knows what became of
it.) Anyway, I got this one & the 2 rear wheels/tires have been
replaced with some from something else, yellow with hub caps. I'm
guessing something Monogram. Anyway, I'd like to restore it best I can
& it's supposed to have plain bare rims on back as well as the front.
I see Lindberg's got quite a few older 1/32 cars. If anyone has built
any of these or another crand with plain wheels & chrome hub caps, I'd
like to know if the hub caps are separate from the rims & if so, are
the rims fairly detailed, i.e., lugs, etc.? If so, also, which kit(s)?
I figure I can get another car kit with plain rims & tires & fix this
one. I also figure I can make a mold & cast a couple in resin if
necessary, or maybe round up a 1/35 - 1/32 military Jeep & re-work the
tires as another resort. Lastly, anyone who's familiar with the old
Aurora Demolition Derby kit, what kind of car is it? I figure a mid -
late '50s Ford or Chevy, but that's my extent of knowledge. :) Thanks.
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frank wrote the following:
Can't help with the wheels, but it was the Aurora #65 Demolition Demon. The box text said it was a 1957 Ford, but the box picture and the model itself is a 1956 Ford.
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Thanks for the info. Maybe I'll find a box one day as well!
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