1:32 civilian pilot?

I just bought the new Revell 1:32 ASK 21 glider, which is a beauty,
and I want to to display it hung from my ceiling. Problem is it
doesn't come with a pilot figure - not usually a problem for me but in
this scale and with that big glass canopy . . . you get the picture.
I've thought of converting a 1:35 military figure, (using just from
the waist up) something like a German Afrika Corp officer with one of
those visored hats that could be converted to a baseball hat, but I'm
not a good sculptor and it sounds like an exercise in frustration to
me. I may try it if no other ideas present themselves. You guys have
any ideas? Actual 1:32 civilian pilot figures or ideas about
conversions? Maybe there are figures you know of from the slot car
world? I can imagine a driver being in about the same position as a
I don't check this group very often, so if you wouldn't mind copying my
email also on your response... thanks!!
Ken D
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This is the figure that comes with the old 1/32 Monogram Gulfhawk / F3F
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The original post of the thread got me to working on mine. I had it on the shelf of unbuilt kits, and began working on it yesterday. Was painting on instrument panel while it was still on piece of sprue. Nipped it off with sprue cutter and it took OFF!. I heard it ping against a bench to my right, and have not found it YET! I guess this means a complete workshop cleanup, and filtering sweepings to find it :-(
Sure are enough tiny little parts on this kit- I was surprised.
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Don Stauffer
That's a nice figure, but how convertible do you think it is to an in-cockpit figure? I do want to display this model "flying."
Ken D \
Wildcat wrote:
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Ken D
Hell, that's the only time I do clean my workshop! :-P
D> The original post of the thread got me to working on mine. I had it on
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Ken D
Most figures can be converted with the right tools, and talent. :-) An X-acto saw, some small files, and some putty. Turn the arms at the shoulder, if separate. Cut V notches in the joints, waist, neck, etc., depending upon what direction you want the bend.
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Hey Bill,
You're right, and tools I got. Never been too good with figures though, even though people have said the instruments look like they work in my cockpits. I really admire people who do beautiful figures, but I don't seem to have it. Hey what can I say, I know my limits.
willshak wrote:
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Ken D

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