Tamiya 1/48 German Figures - New or also in 1/35?

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anyone know if these are all new figs in 1/48 or just repackaged figures in a smaller scale? Almost ordered it by mistake...thought it was 1/35.

good mix of figures w/o all the over the top Dragon stuff now....

sure wish they would offer the good 1/48 sets in 1/35 too.


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I have this..its great, i had a lot of the figures in 35th years ago.

I know i the Brit set, they used a french civilian with a bottle of wine, which orig came with a tank....so i think its the same with the german set, used a few from diff sets just scaled down.

Well im sure Dragon have noticed how well the 48th stuff has sold (so i have been told)

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"Hecker & Goros" makes some appropriate figures in 1/48th scale:

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was the only photo I could come up with, after a *quick* Google...but their 1/48th scale line is extensive.)

"Jaguar Models" has some excellent 1/48th scale figures, though they are becoming incresingly harder to find:

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If you need any 1/48th pilot/aircrew figures, absolutely

*nothing* beats those sculpted by the *best* sculptor in the world, Mike Good:

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Greg Heilers

These are original poses, as far as I can see, though there are some slightly similar figures in Tamiya's 1/35th scale sets. However, most Tamiya figures are very short. Their classic 1970's releases are all under 5'5" tall in scale, though their more recent figures have sometimes been a bit taller (if you don't have a scale ruler, no problem-- in 1/35th scale, a 5'10" man is exactly 2 inches tall). Dragon's new Gen 2 figures are pretty breathtaking, and their older figure sets aren't bad either. Gerald Owens

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Gerald Owens

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