ARM: Review - DML 1/35 scale German Officers - Kursk 1943

Kit Review: Dragon Models Limited 1/35 scale '39-'45 Series Kit No.
6456; German Officers - Kursk 1943; 56 parts; estimated price about US
Advantages: four new poses for use with tank kits
Disadvantages: Gen1 figures with very early DML weapons set; somewhat
static poses; bizarre box artwork
Rating: Highly Recommended
Recommendation: for all WWII German armor fans
DML tends to take turns between producing its very detailed "Gen2"
series of figures and what could be termed "Gen1" sets with far less
complicated figures and fewer details. This is one of the later sets;
while not as detailed or offering as many options, the figures as
usual are up to DML's high standards. (Note that a good number of
modelers really don't care for the "Gen2" figures as they are "too
busy" to assemble, so there are fans of both styles.)
This set provides four officer figures and appears to be based on
photos of actual German troops at Kursk. One senior officer in a
service cap and without a blouse is reading from a map; two
Panzergrenadier officers are next to him, with one officer in a
camouflaged smock really looking like it has been "warm work"; the
fourth officer is seated on the edge of a Pzkw. IV hull and pointing
to something in the distance. All have very good facial details and a
variety of uniforms and kit give the impression of "not on the parade
ground" which some companies tend to miss. Note that all of the
officers are SS officers but the collar tabs are "pre-censored" as are
their cap badges, even though the "death's head" items are minuscule
the ones on the uniforms are also "service neutral."
The weapons are a letdown as they are from one of the very first DML
sets and are over 15 years old. DML should retire these and use the Wx
sets from their "Gen2" figures as they are state of the art, and even
if you don't want to use a 17-piece figure in place of a 6-piece
figure they should have decent weapons. They also come with three
diferrent styles of binoculars and two sets of lens caps, a near scale
cigarette, and four different styles of headgear.
The really odd thing is the box art; this is not a Ron Volstad set
and it shows, as the figures are clearly "Photoshopped" with what
looks to be xerox-like precision and the Pzkw. IV tank is obviously
the same image with cut and paste. Likewise the back of the box shows
completed figures with "stick here " arrows and no detailed painting
directions. Even if Mr. Volstad did not do the artwork, the system he
uses is far better and more flattering to the product than this sort
of production level.
Overall, Germans are always popular and Kursk being a focal point
this set should prove a good one for most modelers
Thanks to Freddie Leung for the review sample.
Cookie Sewell
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