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Hi Troops:

For anyone out there thinking of tackling Bill Koster's or Meteor's

1/48 PB4Y-2 conversions there is now a good reference available. Schiffer Publication's "Consolidated-Vultee PB4Y-2 Privateer" by Alan C. Carey. ISBN number 0-7643-2166-8, $29,95. For your money you get 176 softbound pages with photographs of the crew stations and the gun turrets, armament layouts and armor plate layouts, 10 pages of color photos and page after page of squadron histories and use by other air forces. ex. Republic of China got a bunch in the early 50's. This is a good value for the money book, and would probably even be useful for those contemplating tackling the old 1/72 scale Matchbox/Revell kit.

Bill Shuey

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William H. Shuey
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Hub & Diane Plott III

Alan Carey has done at least a half dozen books on the PB4Y-1 and -2. Most cover the various Privateer Squadrons in both the Atlantic and Pacific during WW II. All are about equal in size to the one described above. All have a lot of good reference photos and are well worth picking up.

All are Schiffer Publications and are available directly from that publisher at.

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Norm Filer

thanks bill, that's very good timing as i have mine pulled out and i've been sighing over it. you don't need a lightning bolt up the wazoo to see a sign. i believe i'll buy one.

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