Revell Germany PB4Y-2 Privateer: Has Anyone Built It?

I'm planning on purchasing one of the Revell Germany PB4Y-2s online, and am wondering if anyone here has built it. I've heard it's a reissue of the Matchbox one, true? Any reviews pro or con? TIA.

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Matt Wiser
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Yes, it's a Matchbox repop, with all that implies. It's 1970s vintage, not a lot of detail, adequate fit, coke-bottle clear parts, some panel trenches, good shape and everything else you'd expect from a Matchbox kit.

"Some modelling skills required" sums it up. You could definitely do worse. I mean, what if it were Starfix?

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Is it not 1980s vintage? I've built a couple of the Matchbox release & have a few of the Revell releases in the stash. Either way, they're the best 1/72 injection kits of the Privateer out. :)

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Okay, this page:

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says it was released in 1980/81 but it was likely tooled with

1970s technology. It certainly wasn't much of an improvement over 1970s Matchbox kits.
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