Start building something, first in 25+ years.

So here we go ;-)
Want to bring the stash down by 1 kit this year.
Would like my first model in 25+ years to turn out somewhat decent.
The kit is a "not the best quality" Airfix 1/72 of a U-2B/D (9 04028).
Guiding to avoid absolute 'no-go's' highly apreciated.
The kit will be done with no extras, so no PE or resin.
What type of paint do you guys prefer?
How to apply it (have a fairly decent airbrush)
Regarding glue I have 3 or 4 different types (thick to thinner)
Putty is on stock.
For decals I have both Sol and Set
The sprues have had a thorough wash and dry to get rid of any residue
from the moulding.
What would you say is the next step?
Some prefer to paint before assembly and some after assembly, how about you?
Feel free to write whatever you want exchange of ideas are the main
point that I'm after here :-)
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Uffe Bærentsen
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I like to paint the interior bits before closing up the fuselage while I can still get at them. Then I do the major parts (leaving off landing gear and other delicate bits), sand and check for flaws, prime, then check and eliminate any flaws that escaped the first time. Only then do I do the colour coat(s).
If you're spraying indoors, acrylics are really good; they're non toxic and dry relatively quickly.
With your kit you'll need to do a fair bit of dry fitting and refining the mating surfaces. Airfix kits of that vintage have a reputation of not quite fitting exactly. Sometimes cutting off the allignment pins actually helps to improve the allignment.
Most importantly, have fun : )
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