I have been building some kits. I am not the most experienced railway
modeller in the world but I have built hundreds (literally: I was a
wargamer as a lad) of plastic vehicle kits in my time.
The Coopercraft AEC Monarch kit is a disappointment. Masses of flash,
average detailing, lack of lugs to aid assembly, runners in the
recesses for the front axle necessitating careful surgery, crap
transparency moulding, no tread on the tyres, the list is endless. Is
this representative of Coopercraft?
On the other hand, a Parkside van kit was an absolute joy to build and
runs like a dream even over fiddly points. At a fiver a throw I will
definitely buy more of these! When building these kits, do people
usually assemble the superstructure, spray it, then add the solebars?
I only ask because pieces atttached after painting tend to be less
strong unless you remove every last vestige of paint from the
attachment points. I suppose I could tape mask where the solebars glue

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The dies are probably shot ... the same happened to Airfix at the end; and Linka for anyone who can remember it. Aalthough an American chap bought the rights a few years ago and made new dies - nice chap used to chat a lot with him. But as for Coopercraft generally and granted it's been a few years since I last built any, the last time I did I bought a batch of 30 odd assorted GWR wagon kits. I made them up without any problems I can remember over the course of a couple of evenings. Granted I fitted Gibson wheels which involed a bit of drilling out for the barings and low profile couplings that needed a bodge rather than the chunky supplied ones but all the wagons came out square, the detail wouldn't please a purist I suppose but they looked good to me and they run well (you should add weight though). The only thing I wasn't terribly happy with was the transfers ... they didn't come of the backing paper all that well.
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Why bother spraying a 00 old-style wagon kit? You'll get a better finish than the prototype. Finish the kit, then get a brush, I say. But then I've never used an airbrush, I'm more Peter Marriott than George Dent...
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