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Here's an interesting map ...
Bristol railways about 1880, from Dr.Day's Bridge Junction to North Somerset Junction. Move the blue slider at the top to see what is there now! ro Explore georeferenced maps - Full Screen - Map...
8 months ago
In the news today!
Actually, it's my green flag and I was standing behind the photographer ...
9 months ago
Re: N Gauge - Farish split gear replacements
Try BR LInes: Alan Graham Farish 1977-2000 English Production Spares.
10 months ago
Weighting rolling stock
What do people use these days? I used to use crushed air gun pellets but those are not so widely available these days. Cant help wondering why the spammers keep trying to disrupt this group, sad lot,...
2 years ago 5
Airfix Cutty Sark at Aldi/Lidl for a fiver
If you are quick, when the present stock runs out that's it. It's to 1:130ish but makes a good basis for an OO or N sailing ship and at a fiver a pop I bought several. Cheers Mike They had some basic...
2 years ago 1
Hyper realistic operation and signalling - Crap track
Indian Railways Training Centre (I think) Cheers Mike Many years ago (very many years ago!) I visited the ex-Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway signalling school at Manchester Victoria station, with my...
2 years ago 2
End of an era - Waltons will close March 2020
After many years providing an excellent service Mr Walton Jr of Walton's model shop in Altrincham is retiring in March 2020. Lots of people want to run it (it is a successful business) but no one...
2 years ago 1
Anyone remember the title of the Leighton Buzzard mechanical modelling book?
Published years ago The husband did the trains his missus did the buildings, one element was a floating swan following a magnet on a chain. Would like to revisit the working drag crane idea. Leant it...
3 years ago 2
If anyone still reading this group . . .
Do you model the trains of your youth? When I got started in the 1960s a common theme was the Edwardian layout, many built by elderly gents. The last train show I went to it was mostly 1980's outline....
3 years ago 2
nice inexpensive downloadable buildings
website They do an OO scale range as per this sample - They are cheap but they do require a bit of work cutting out and assembling but a pastime that takes no time at all* isn't really what is...
3 years ago 3
Revisiting the Road Rail Tank Project
Hello all I was looking for any possible info on the internets about the 31 Guinness Tanks built by BR 1951-1955 and I've stumbled across posts made by Mike Smith, I think he's the one with the long...
3 years ago 1
Modelling accuracy - a valuable resource
Just been watching the old BW film, Waterloo Road. What a valuable record of the railways and all their furniture are these old films!
4 years ago
3 rail track , transformers and running
I am thinking of starting a layout with 3 rail locos etc from Marklin , Trix , Hornby Dublo ,JEP and SMCF Can they all run on the same track and what would be the best transformer ? Many thanks for...
4 years ago 14
Signalling query
I have a signalling query for a layout I am constructing. Consider a terminal station built by one company (LSWR for example). Some years later another company (say GWR) builds another line to the...
4 years ago 10
Gauge 3, 2 1/2 "
Is there much around at this gauge, my interest is in narrow gauge having recently disposed of all my 16mm stuff as being too small? What are you after? Gauge 3 on 2 1/2" gauge track will not be...
4 years ago 1