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Anyone want an 00 gauge railway in need of restoration?
Hi folks, I have an 00 gauge electric model railway from the 1970s or '80s which I no longer use. Unfortunately it has been stored for a long time in the attic of my parents' barn. The solid, heavy...
6 years ago
L&Y Railway control numbers (on brake vans)
Folks, Back in the dim and distant when men were men and all the good railways started in Lancashire the L&Y introduced a scheme of control numbers that they'd paint on the side of their goods brakes....
9 years ago 7
Block Occupation - Vehicle in Section or Train in Track
I like many others have been attempting to install a Block Occupation system within my model railway. But as yet I have not been able to form a satisfactory method that does not have one short coming...
9 years ago 17
Strange chimney on GWR
The manufacturer of this ebay item usually supplies models of North American Prototypes. that the reason for the unusual shaped chimney on this UK loco or were any actually built like this. My...
10 years ago 12
Steam age breakdown train
Folks, Once I get the new layout up and running I fancy running a "Breakdown train" and whilst I'm waiting for planning permission on the layout from SWHTBO (she wants to convert the garage to a new...
10 years ago 3
Wagon Wheels
I'm trying to model the late 1950's. In general terms, would pre-nationalisation open wagons and closed vans still be running on spoked wheels or would they have been fitted with 3-hole by then?...
11 years ago 14
Shinohara scissors crossing
I finally got round to mounting this. Comments: the sleepers are (as expected) narrow for UK outline, they are HO code 83 I think, this can be kludged of course. Joining was easy using standard...
11 years ago 1
DC controllers switching
Am I missing something here - I am helping a chap build a layout, he has purchased a Morley Vortrak Zero Nine 4-track controller with built in CDU and plain 12v accessory outputs, which is way more...
12 years ago 8
Carr's Metal Black for Brass
How is one supposed to use it? I brushed it on with mediocre results. Maybe I should have cleaned the brass more? MBQ The brass does need to be very clean - Carrs also sell Acidip which is quite...
13 years ago 8
Modify Hornby Duchess Body
Want to convert a new Hornby non-streamlined Duchess to as built condition - most important is to remove smoke deflectors. Has anyone tried this, will I find the correct pipework behind them. if not...
13 years ago 8
Odd ICI livery query
On the Stockton on Tees gov local picture site there are a couple of pics of tank wagons, one in standard class A livery but the other is a bit odd. It looks like a 14 ton tank but has a white barrel...
13 years ago 7
Hornby X04 motor
Is / was there a 5 pole version of the 3 pole X04 motor. Has anyone news of the trader who bought modelspares? When might business resume? Regards "Sailor" wrote Not from Tri-ang or Hornby, but didn't...
13 years ago 30
Triang Motor Bogies
A Triang 31 is overloading the controller - I am sure it needs a new magnet - where is the best place please? Ebay usually has a couple of suppliers.... Martin said the following on 29/02/2008 20:35:...
14 years ago 7
G E R transfers
Hi Can anybody help me, I am building a G.E.R. Decapod & I cannot find a supplier for the transfers needed. Does anybody have any suggestions. My usual supliers "Fox Tranfers" do not make any G.E.R....
14 years ago 24
Mainly Trains
Noted from a previous thread that Mainly Trains have reduced their range. Is Dave Cleal still running it, if so just wondered if he is retiring. I remember him when he had his shop in Chandlers Ford,...
14 years ago 11
What traffic was Dapol 'Esso' tanker on?
I have just finished the construction of the Dapol 20T class B tanker with Esso markings (Kit C-36). For a kit that has been around for so many years, I was surprised about the basic quality of the...
15 years ago 7
Hornby Turntable
I have a Hornby turntable which works fine but it is a bit annoying having it stop at every exit when I only have two of the exit roads connected for use. Is there any way in which I can permanently...
15 years ago 1
Road rail milk tanks
Am working on a beer tank and a milk tank as per . . . anyone confirm the livery for the mid 1950s milk tank trailer - My notes say bottom definately brown, upper part possibly cream, with a sub not...
15 years ago 1
Flying Scotsman
Hi Did the Flying Scotsman only run with passenger coaches, or did it also pull some freight cars? //Søren Bay Yes, "Flying Scotsman" probably did, as did the rest of it's class, as they were...
15 years ago 17
LMS Push Pull Coaches in BR maroon
hi, just biulding a model of the leighton buzzard to luton branch line and that includes biuding a LMS push Pull BTK.....a DBT...Driving brake third i have done this cuting up two dapol LMS BTL non...
15 years ago