Hornby Turntable

I have a Hornby turntable which works fine but it is a bit annoying having
it stop at every exit when I only have two of the exit roads connected for
Is there any way in which I can permanently "disable" those exits which I do
not use.
I am reasonably competent in altering model railway equipment but would just
like to know whether this is possible before I remove the table (which will
entail some damage to the immediate surrounding area) and start tinkering.
Ray Collins
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Ray Collins
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In a word, no. It is controlled by a base-mounted wheel with a peg sticking up on the edge. When the wheel turns, the peg grabs a matching projection under the table. The wheel then pulls the table around for a bit until it has turned far enough not to reach any more (if that makes sense); the wheel then keeps turning until it reaches the table again and the process repeats. I can't remember off hand how many roads there are, but that is how many turns the wheel needs to make to turn the table fully. In other words, one turn of the wheel moves the table to the next road.
I turn the table slowly, then at the "disengaged" point turn the motor up to full speed, so the stop at each exit road is minimal and doesn't look too silly.
Hope this helps,
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