Bradford model railway show 5 and 6 April

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Layouts invited 2008
Bilbeck Woods OO (4mm=1ft) - (Richard Pratt)
The Layout came about as a solution ro run any type of Stock at any time to
suit all tastes of our club members! Go On have a look and see which we are
running today!
Boggart's Leap OO9 (4mm=1ft narrow gauge - Brian Howarth
This layout represents a railway built to give pleasure rides with stations
at the garden centre and at the tea rooms.
Church Warsop EM (4mm=1ft finescale) Tony Gee;
This layout is the latest in series dating back over 20 years, portraying
the railways of the north Nottinghamshire area.
This one is based on the Lancashire Derbyshire and East Coast Railway, which
had it's hub at Langwith Junction. It has been assumed that a small
passenger station was built on a short branch from Langwith to Church
Warsop. The main purpose is to serve Warsop Main Colliery (represented on
the backscene).
The layout is set in the mid 1920's, when the change of ownership from the
GCR to the LNER had just taken place. Some locomotives and rolling stock
still remain in GCR livery.
Nearly everything on view has been made, either from raw materials
(scratchbuilding) or from kits. EM gauge uses the same size as commercial
models as a basis, but the track is wider, to bring it nearer to scale.
If you have anything more you would like to know about the layout or EM
modelling, please ask, as we love the opportunity to talk to people with
similar interests.
Viewing Side - Scenic Section 8' x 1'3" Total Size 11'9" x 1'6"
East Gate Wharfe 0-16.5 7=1ft; Ray Clasper (Wakefield MRS)
The Railway is largely based on the Tal -y-llyn with all the steam and
diesel locos. Coaching Stock is almost upto date with every item available
with some of the proposed stock in use before the real thing. Freight stock
is used for track maintenance.
The main station is a copy of Towyn Wharfe with all the main features of the
prototype but stretched a bit to fit standard size boards.
The passing station closely follows that of Towyn Pendre with its loco and
carriage sheds but because or the cramped space we have named this station
Track work ie Code100 flat bottomed rail soldered to copperclad sleepers but
the bridge boards and fiddle yard are on wood sleepers. Points are hand made
and powered by H and M motors with additional microswitches.
Frequently other Locos and stock from other railways including the Weshpool
and Llanfair "Sir Drefallwyn" with its Austrian coaches. Stray Locos from
the Ffestiniog and mountainous Hunslets can be found in odd nooks and
Please ask us any questions about the layout or narrow gauge full size and
we will be pleased to answer.
Falls Junction 0n30 American (1/4" = 1ft) David Hewitt, Keighley;
The layout depicts a purly fictional station on thriving narrow gauge,
American railroad. Here a branch diverges from the main line to serve a
lumber camp, a mill and a quarry, thus giving plenty of excuses to run lots
of trains. Larger loco's are not permitted on the branch due to loading
Track is by Peco ballasted by granite. Buildings are kit or scratch built
with Bachman or kit/ scratch built stock. Controllers are Gaugmester hand
Haslingden N; Independent Railway modellers Ass.
In 1846 the East Lancs Railway, built a line from Stubbins jnc on the
Manchester-Bacup line (now the preserved ELR) to Accrington for train
connections to Burnley Colne and beyond. Haslingden was the largest station
on the line about half way and at the top of severe gradients. The station
closed in Dec 1966 and the track became the a56 Haslingden by-pass. Today
non of the Railway infrastructure remains but some other buildings remain
and can be seen when driving between the Manchester Little chef island and
Tesco and these are depicted on the model.
The layout depicts Haslingden station and the surrounding area from bridge
street the road over the tunnel at the right to the Hud Hey over bridge at
the left. The date is the late 1950's. Steam trains are still prominent with
a few green diesels appearing from time to time.
Most of the houses are from Metcalfe card kits altered to suit the various
locations. but the Railway buildings have had to be scratch built from
plasticard to our own drawings. The footbridge is an adopted etched brass
kit .
Loco's and stock consist of Bachman, Farish, Dapol and Peco as well as a
selection of N gauge society kits.
Please feel free to view the pictures of old Haslington, which accompany the
layout and also ask any questions about them or the layout itself.
Holmbury Junction N; (Gordon Holmes).
A fictitious layout of a once thriving steam era location representing
railway practice now viewed in the 90's regional railways.
The general idea of the layout uses features from many places we have
visited which enabled us to use a variety of loch's and rolling stock.
The layout features a terminus station, branch line leading to imaginary
industrial town and port amenities, also goods and private sidings with all
the necessary servicing and facilities for locomotives and stock.
Hubberholme EM; 4mm=1ft; David Seymour Skipton
Hubberholme was originally served by a singe branch which was used by both
the LNER and the LMS. After a number of years the LNER found an easier
approach and built another branch, hence the two tunnels.
The LNER now uses the downward incline road and the LMS the upper incline.
The LNER joins the mainline between Hawes and Aysgarth and the LMS the main
line in the Horton area.
The whole of the station and goods yard was built by the LNER hence the
building style and signal design.
All the Buildings are from the Hornby Scaledale range, and the signals are
constructed from MSE parts which are operated from Fulgerex motors.
Trackwork is mainly by C and L components with Tortoise point motors.
Lostock Quay (3mm TT); Terry Tracy Leyland MRC
Lostock Quay is a fictionanl 3mm railway serving a run down quay, a small
oil depot and a loading plant. It started life as a 40x1 layout built for
the 3mm Society's 40th Anniversary and has been extended since then to make
an end to end layout,
It is 15ft long and 18inches deep. 3mm scale and 12mm gauge track. The
points are operated by wire in tube., Trains run from fiddle yards at each
end .
The locos and stock are from 3mm Society and 3mm traders kits see
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Outwell Village 00 4mm scale (Alan Price and Neil Rushby);
The real Wisbeach and Upwell was fully opened to traffic by the Great
Eastern railway in 1884 as a roadside tramway serving the 2 places in its
title. Taken over by the LNER in 1922 passenger services were discontinued
5 years later leaving the line to continue with freight mainly the seasonal
fruit traffic. Diesels replaced steam in 1952 . The railway closed in May
Our model depicts the largest intermediate depot on the tramway as it was
vaguely post 2nd world war which permits the use of both LNER and BR loco's.
Although it spans 21 years you have to study photos to discern any changes
during that period and we have been alble to stretch this into the 1970's.
Trackwork is 00 gauge to fine scale standards using hand built pointwork on
copprclad sleepers operated by wire in tube and SMP bullhead for plain
Ride on Railway; 7.25" gauge 1/5 scale;
Probably the simplest layout at this exhibition, not even a point in site!
But this is one layout that children of all ages can RIDE ON.
Usually to be found in Thompson Park, Burnley, together with a selection of
other trains, including steam.
If you require any further details on 7.25" gauge in Thompson Park or
general information please ask one of the operators. (Brian Howorth).
Seabury Town O gauge 7mm=1ft (Mike Renwick) substituting for Crampton Tyney
O gauge which had to cancel due to illness)
A fictitious location, based on an LMS theme, with the Preservation theme
allowing other members to run their rolling stock upon it. The station is a
copy of Darley Dale.
Tomas 00; Bradford Model Railway Club ;
ASHTOM is a little known intermediate station on the coastal branch line on
the Isle of Sodor. So little known that hardly anyone has heard of it, even
Thomas gets mixed up when he is sent there. You're not likely to see the
Fat Controller at ASHTOM so anything goes and quite a lot STOPS.
The only visible industry is the Sodor Kipper Company, which was built after
the first catch of smoked kippers, was landed on the quay on the 1st April
1900 and something or other. So much far the serious stuff. So - the layout
was built with our younger visitors in mind and they are invited to take the
controls and have a go...
Anyone get the anagram?
Trollenburge Heights G scale (Keighley Model Railway Club)
The branch rises to higher levels by transferring the mountains of the
Trollenburge ridge.
The layout is for entertainment and is unusual in its style. Back at its
Keighley home it is connected to the clubs G scale main layout which has 3
circuits within 20ft by 16ft.
Upsan Downs O; George Woolnough, Ruthin
Deep in the heart of the Southern Railway territory you will find the market
town of Upsan Downs. Situated between the poular seaside resorts and the
downs the town is starting to prosper after the austere war years.
The Station building is built of foam board, card and plasticard, and is
based on Banstead on the line from West Croydon to Epson Downs. Most other
buildings are built similarly but the water mill is in plywood/mdf covered
in DAS modeling clay.
Track is Peco with hand built points using copper clad sleepers. Point
motors are Tortoise or Arrdvark.
The baseboard is a 3" by 1" frame with 1/8" ply to which has been bonded
1inch flooring grade insulation onto the botom side. This makes for a very
light but rigid construction that requires no crosmembers.
Valley Tramways; 4mm/00 - W.& J.Helliwell;
Portrays a portion of edge of Northern town scene circa 1920-1950 showing
trams and narrows streets. All trams run from overhead as full size. Trams
not detailed scale models but typify type in use, i.e. four wheelers and
bogie; single, double decks and open top types. No automatic operation.
All manual to give hopefully realistic operation.
Victoria Road OO; Bradford Model Railway Club,
Victoria Rd. is based on a section of the ex Midland line north from
Leeds/Bradford heading towards the famous Settle & Carlisle. Many of the
buildings and scenery are modelled on those at Saltaire but because of the
constraints of size and space we have renamed it after the road which
crosses the line between the station and the mill. Many local people will
no doubt recognise the features and hopefully get the atmosphere of the
The period modelled was intended to be in the 1960s and much of the stock
will be run for this time. However it has been know that Victoria Rd. can
be caught up in a 50 year time warp where the stock can appear from a much
later period. A time when passenger trains run without locos, freight trains
have all lost their brake vans and railway stations have gone in favour of
train stations:- sad isn't it?
We make no apologies for this as it allows all club members to run whatever
they prefer
2008 Trade exhibitors
B & C Transport
C. Hobson 64 Roebuck Road, Sheffield
Good selection of items covering all forms of transport. Buses, cars, etc.
Various items of railway goods.
Black Cat Baseboards
Colin Stark, 297,Hull Rd., Anlaby Common, Hull HU4 7RY.
Tel 01482 500605 Email
Manufacturer of high quality baseboard and display stands
D and M video productions - Modern image DVDs
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Bradley View; Holywell Green; West Yorkshire.
A production and authoring company specialising in Trains, Transport and
Supplier or lits in card and plastic for scales N to 0. Coopercraft/ Eckon
signals/ HMRS transfers/ Kestral/ Metcalfe/ Parkside/ Ratio/ Springside/
Tiny signs/ Will etc.
M.and D. Pictures
Pictures photographs
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317 Hunslet road; Hunslet; LEEDS; LS10 1NJ; 0113 2760088
We stock Hornby, Scalextric, DC Kits, Our own Model Depot 1.5 v Motors,
Radio controlled vehicles, EFE, Corgi, Airfix, Revell, Humbrol, Javis,
Knightwing, and many more makes so we definitely have some thing for you to
come and look at. We also have a range of toys and games for young children
that can be found at the Tiny Toy web site
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Roads and Tramways (Meter Electronics)
Ron Boxhall, 134 Chatsworth Ave.
Caters for all modellers interested in Blackpool working lights to
electronic control systems as installed at London Transport Museum. From
railways to the Faller Car System, see a working Faller System with buses
and lorries stopping and starting at working traffic lights. We carry a
range of Faller bus spares. We will be on hand to discuss any query or
question you may have.
Milnsbridge Models
Tony Walsh
160/2 Armitage Road; Milnsbridge; HD3 4JT
Tel 01484 655276
The largest supplier of second hand, ready-to-run stock, in West Yorkshire
and available in most gauges. Also one of the largest leading transport
video suppliers with over 3,500 titles (in catalogue). Ask at stand for more
Nick Tozer Railway Books
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Church Street, Paddock, Huddersfield, HD1 4UJ
Tel / Fax: (01484) 518159
Railway books bought and sold. I offer a free railway book search service.
Try me when you need a book for your next modelling project.
Norman Wisenden
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Chew Valley Road
Greenfield Lancashire OL3 7JJ
Tel: (01457 876045
Offers a large and varied selection of new and second-hand models, books,
plus specialist kits and accessories for all your modelling requirements in
all gauges 0, 00, N, G45, SM32, 0-16.5 and 009
P and H models
Kay-dee couplings/ American bits etc
Rail bus
Gavin, 14 West St.
Sowerby Bridge Halifax 01422 24996
Transport books, videos, models and model railway items at bargain prices.
Todmorden Model Supplies (Peter Endley & Keith)
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Place, Kilnhurst Road, Todmorden; 0L14 6AU
01706 814281
Suppliers of all kinds of tools, materials, adhesives, solder products, BA.
Nuts and bolts. Mail order available
Uncommon Kits (John Taylor)
Suppliers of 7mm kits/ milled chassis and components.
Unit Models (Dave Hewitt)
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9 Maple Grove; KEIGHLEY; BD20 6TY, 01535 213913
We are a new business specialising in high quality, cast resin model
railroad accessories, many at pocket-money prices. Our product range
includes items for British OO, American HO and N scales.
2008 Demonstrations
Pauline McKenna - N gauge loco modelling;
Neil Moxham - 2mm scale modelling;
Bob Dawson -Model Buildings;
John Taylor - Larger scale modelling components (Uncommon kits/ 7mm Kits).
Modeller's Workshop Alan Eyles, Bob and Gareth Rowlands
We will be showing you how to build locomotives and rolling stock. Our team
will also show you how to paint and weather them. We will have some of our
models on display so you can see how it's one. One of our layouts is also
featured in this exhibition. Our models have been seen on television and are
featured regularly in the model press.
Our team will be pleased to show you how it's done and answer any questions
you may have.
- MS Train sim demo and DCC workshop
Demonstrating all the latest add-ons for Microsoft Train Simulator. Routes,
steam, diesel and electric locos, passenger and freight stock. 4500
downloads now available from our web site:-
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Sorry had to cancel due to John being ill___
Festiniog Railway Society Stand
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is the world famous Ffestiniog Railway which runs 14.5 miles from the
coastline at Porthmadog into the mountains at Blaenau Ffestiniog along with
the new Welsh Highland railway.
Middleton Railway Trust - the worlds oldest railway based in Hunslet Leeds
The North Western Model Railway Clubs Association
Association of a number of model railway clubs in the north
of England
L & Y railway society
All Things to do with the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway
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