Workington model railway show

Workington model railway show this weekend Workington Model Railway Exhibition 2007


Moorclose Sports Centre

Saturday 24th November 10am - 5pm

Sunday 25th November 10am - 4pm

Please find below information regarding the Model Railway Exhibition


North East O gauge Guild - Sunderland

British Railway Steam era

A first visit for this very large O gauge layout to Cumbria from the North East Gauge O Modellers based in The Mount Cummunity Centre, Tyneside, one of the Gauge O Guild Area groups.

Having started as a test track for use by members it has developed into a fully scenic layout which allows visitors the opportunity to watch large trains running at speed through a realistic setting. The stock on display belongs to the members with support from colleagues based in Carlisle. If you are interested in the premier scale and would like to know more, please ask.

More at

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Furness Model Railway Club - Barrow

HO Gauge - Continental

A first visit for this very large HO layout.

Oberfriedhof is an imaginary village in the Canton of URI in central Switzerland. It is situated near the top of the Klausen pass, which links Linthal with Schächental. The railway between the towns of Linthal and Altdorf on the main line over the Gotthard pass was never built in reality. Neither was the metre gauge branch line from the junction of the Furka Oberalp and Rhätische Bahn at Disentis. So we had to build them ourselves, at least part of them anyway !

The main line over the Gotthard pass has been blocked by a landslide near Sisikon north of Altdorf, so the line over the Klausen pass is being used as a diversionary route, until the main line can be repaired. Hence the large amount of traffic using the line, including international trains to and from all over Europe. There are about 70 trains on the layout all of which run in Switzerland even metre gauge trains belonging to railways all over Switzerland can be seen running along the branch line. The Layout has recently been rebuilt and now has a working stone loader in the station yard.

The layout appeared in its previous form as "Railway of the Month" in the December 1994 issue of CONTINENTAL MODELLER. This could be the layout's last outing as the club have put it up for sale.

More information on the club at

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Tom Jenkins - Workington

EM Gauge - LNWR circa 1924

Having failed to make it to last years exhibition due to storm damage much work has gone into ensuring that this layout makes its first appearance on the exhibition circuit. at Workington

Wyndham Row is a 4mm scale layout built to EM gauge (18.2mm). It represents an imaginary branchline, but a "might have been an actual" Cleator & Workington Junction Railway line serving the village of Wyndham Row in West Cumberland. This village was later to be known as Broughton Moor but as the C&WJR was already using a station of this name, the original village name was used for the second station.

The period depicted by the layout is set between the two World Wars and emulates prototype practice on the C&WJR. In pre-grouping days passenger services on the layout will be operated by Furness railway engines. The freight services will be operated jointly by the Furness Railway and the C&WJR. In 1923 the railways in West Cumbria became part of the London Midland & Scottish Railway and in the early days of the LMS, local railway company engines and rolling stock in their original colour schemes were used alongside the newer LMS stock. We shall be operating a mixture of engines, wagons and coaches of pre and post grouping ownership on the layout. The stone built passenger station is based on an actual prototype in use on the C&WJR at Seaton, near Workington. Industrial buildings serving Broughton Moor Brickworks are typical of those used at other English brickworks built at the turn of the century.

Engines and rolling stock are a mixture of modified proprietary, kitbuilt and scratch built. Track is a combination of hand built and Scaleway EM gauge flexible. Buildings are all scratch or modified kits, with a lot being built with Slaters Plastikard. Trees, shrubs and foliage is mostly Woodlands scenics. Electrics and control are by HMP and POLYTECHNIC, businesses once owned by the builder of this layout. This year we see the layout in the short length version as it is planned to lengthen the size for another year. In the final stage it will become a much larger layout based on the traditional oval format, with the fiddle yard at the rear.

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Raymond O'Neill - Workington

HO Gauge - American

This layout is making a return after an absence of several years.

Tomsville Terminal is an ex-Conrail line in the north east of the United States of America, near the Canadian border. The railroad does all local switching (shunting in Britain) along the line. You may also see local freight by Conrail, CSX, NS and CP. The model is built to HO gauge, which uses the same track as British outline OO gauge models, but the scale of the rolling stock differs slightly.

Please feel free to ask any questions - we don't bite!


Rod Moore - Blennerhasset

HO gauge - 1935-1960

A vintage layout from the collection of the former Cumberland Toy and Model Museum. Basset Lowke introduced Trix Twin trains from Germany in the 1930's. Running on 14 volts ac, locos pick up from one running rail and return via the centre rail. This means that two locos can run independently on one track. The layout is the type of thing that a boy would dream of owning while watching his only loco hurl round the oval of track on his bedroom floor. Running this weekend is a varied selection from both the British and German locos and stock available at the time.

Please feel free to ask questions. If you would like to drive a train please ask!


Philip T Tuer - Carlisle

EM & OO Gauges - late British Railway Steam era.

Following its first showing last year when it appeared in an 'under construction'? banner, the layout has had lots of work carried out and is now substantially complete. Buildings have been added. The engine shed is a Melcalf card kit. The goods shed is scratch built from wood and plasticard, being modelled on the one still to be seen standing in Haverthwaite Station yard. More EM track has been laid to the goods yard, hand built using copperclad sleepers and bullhead rail. Independent control has been arranged so that two trains can run at the same time, subject to operators being available! Couplings are being changed to Alex Jackson and some three link. Stock is mainly ready to run and the hope is that eventually all of it will be converted to EM to run on a large permanent layout that I keep at home in my garage based on, and surprisingly called, Haverthwaite!

If you would like to know more about EM gauge then please feel free to ask!


Ray Cottier - Workington

OO gauge - BR Late Steam / early Diesel era.

A new layout built this year after a 20 year break from the hobby! Depicting the end of the steam and start of the diesel eras. The layout is of an imaginary junction which sees a variety of trains passing through it and a yard which is very busy due to the closure of the station end tunnel.

Also on show is part of my collection of Triang Minic roadway systems. These were made to run in conjunction with Triang Railways.



David Dickinson - Whitehaven

3 rail Hornby Dublo OO gauge - BR era late 1950's-early 1960's

Sixpenny Handley is a small village between Blandford Forum and Salisbury. In reality it never had a railway. However in the world of "make-believe" it had a largish station on a never built line stretching from Newbury to Dorchester via Salisbury and Blandford Forum. This line was intended to provide a more direct route to Weymouth and Portland from Oxford and the north as well as a third route from London to Weymouth for the Channel Islands traffic. It was originally a Great Western Railway project but by

1960 BR regional boundary changes had brought the Salisbury - Dorchester section under Southern control. Shortly after this date it succumbed to the Beeching axe like the nearby Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway and the Southern Salisbury - Bournemoth West line.

This scenario permits the operation of both GWR and Southern locomotives and stock, including an EMU! (Third rail electrification is assumed to have reached Weymouth from Waterloo by this route as well as the one via Southampton and Bournemouth before 1960 (in fact third rail electrics did not reach Bournemouth until 1967). Trains operated are genuine Hornby Dublo of the period and are now all nearly fifty years old. One will find Castles, a West Country, BR standard 2-6-4 tanks and the ubiquitous ex LMS 8F, straying in from the SDJR at Blandford. There might even be the odd "neverwazza"?.

The layout has been built principally for Hornby Railway Collector Association (Northern Group) running days and shows what a young lad (probably with his pipe smoking father's encouragement and interference!) might achieve with proprietary products on the traditional 6ft x 4ft solid baseboard.


Malcolm McGeorge - Annan

O gauge - tinplate clockwork

As big as it comes! In the early days of model railways this was THE gauge to work in.

Malcolm McGeorge specialises in repairing and restoring old 0 gauge clockwork trains, with examples from the beginning of the 20th Century, through to the early 1960s when Hornby stopped making 0 gauge clockwork trains. The layout will also have examples of other makes, including Bing and Bassett Lowke, and perhaps some Marx and Lionel from the USA. We hope to have a special guest, named "Thomas".

Bring your damaged or non-running items for free advice and an assessment, and also check the small spares available for sale on the stand.

Items will also be available for sale from a buffer or coupling through to a complete working boxed set. If you have any specific requirements, please contact Malcolm after the exhibition on 01461 203154 or go online at


Andrew Clayton - Maryport Model Railway Club

O gauge - Modern Image Diorama

Showing a selection of modern image diesels from his collection of larger models, having moved up from OO in the London Underground area. This is a first attempt at getting a layout together in what is sometimes referred to as 'the senior gauge'. Still in its basic form it shows the potential of what is to come in the future.


Maryport Model Railway Club

N gauge

A first venture by the junior members of the club. New members are welcome to join and help with the future progress of this layout. Please ask for details.


Maryport Model Railway Club (new)

A not to scale diorama of the possible effects of Climate Change and Global Warming.

What do you think the effects could be and how could these affect the operation of our railways, some of which are built on very low coastal land?


Derwent Railway Society

OO gauge - BR Steam

This layout was once part of DRS's large layout Derwent Main. This has now been dismantled and replaced by Eden Lacey which is still under construction and is based roughly on Lazonby on the Settle and Carlisle route of the Midland Railway.

The layout measures 6 X 3 feet and is based on the London Midland Region of British Railways, the model is based on the Preston Street area of Whitehaven (late 1950's) as if BR had decided to build a large motive depot to combine Whitehaven Bransty, Corkickle and Moor Row depot's to provide power for local industries of coal, steel and chemicals.

The DRS Model Railway Section meets in Whitehaven YMCA on Monday and Thursday evenings from 1830 to 2100. If you would like to come along and join us you will be made most welcome.

For more details contact our Chairman Allan Beck on 01946 833377 or any member on the stand, or just visit

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Tony Molyneux - Whitehaven

This DCC UK sound demonstration layout is a 4' x 2' diorama of a BR Traction Maintenance Depot test facility. It allows an excuse to rev sound chips up while locos are stationary, using a class 86 as a loadbank.

The scene is set at night to show off loco lighting, and is enclosed so as not to annoy the rest of the exhibitors with constant noise.

The layout is designed specifically to demonstrate and promote UK prototype sound chips, mostly homemade but with one or two SWD chips for comparison.


Denton Modellers - Carlisle

Have you ever wanted to move out to the garden with a model railway? These G scale models are designed for use in all climates and locations. As can be seen here they are just as suited to indoor use.


Denton Modellers - Carlisle

This is your chance to try your hand at driving a locomotive albeit on a computer. You can choose between steam, diesel or electric and the variety of routes is legion! Just ask and they will show you how to do it but beware, it can become addictive!

More at

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John Burrow - Workington

John is Chairman of WTHT and owns both full size and model buses. On display is part of his collection. If you are interested in either then please talk to him. If you would like to help us with restoration or maintenance of our buses then he

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