Eckon light signals

Hi I have just received a set of Eckon junction light signals without instructions. Can any body tell me where to wire in the 2 resistors that have come with them? I assume that they are resistors & they slow down the changind of the lights. I want to make sure because I do not want that bulbs to go POOF! Many thanks Roger.

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Barbara Mitchell
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Assuming the lights are LED's, then the resitors are there to provide a load for the LED's. Have a google - there's plenty of info around on the web about this - the Model Railway Electronics Group, or something like that, I' sure have diagrams.

Cheers Richard

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Hi, Think about which lights are on at a time. Are they four aspect? Then you need one resistor under the red and one of the yellows, at the cathode end, or the negative end, and you need on under the green and the other yellow LED.

Does that make sense? Try running the led on 12v to establish which is the anode and the cathode (pos and neg). Usually the side of the LED body with the notch/flat cut is the cathode (negative) side.

Hope this helps.


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Robert Wilson

Contact me direct with the part no. i.e. ES2, ES3 etc and I will send you a copy of the wiring diagram.

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