Replacement of Genesis F7 light bulbs

I was informed that the bulbs on Genesis HO F units burn out quickly. I was told to replace them with Microtronics, I think, 1.5v bulbs. Is this difficult to do? I was told it is a tedious job.

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A lot of jobs are tedious, but they still have to be done {;^)


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Brian Smith

Be aware that Athearn uses "micro-bulbs" rather than standard 1.5v bulbs. If you use a larger bulb, you risk not being able to use Athearn's lampholder! Also, I think you must mean "Miniatronics", right?

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DCC Models

I replaced my Genesis F series lights with golden white LEDs from Richmond Electronics. Basically, I just placed them behind the reflector so that the led focus is right through the little hole. They look fine.

What I'd really like to find is a flat front LED (I've seen prototypes from LEDTRONICS, but none for sale, and the color was too blue) to just fill up the light area completely and discard the reflector. Some have suggested sanding or filing the round fronted LEDs flat, then polishing them . I did that as an experiment, and the result was kind of a point of light from the LED junction rather than light filling the entire light well. There are probably some light pipes which would work, too. Someday when I have time, I'll experiment more.

If you replace the Athearn 1.5v lights with LEDs, you will need to use resistors on your decoder (you have a decoder, right?)


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Edward A. Oates

I installed a Sunny White SMD LED in an Athearn Genesis F3. They are available from Richmond Controls, and they are so tiny, you should have them pre-wired. You may need to enlarge the hole in the lampholder slightly, because it's not only flat, but also square.

I have also ground down the tip of an LED just slightly and polished it with Novus (a liquid abrasive). I installed this in the rear wall of the cab of a Proto 2000 S3, replacing a long light pipe with a 90 degree bend down to an incandescent bulb in the process. The results are truly impressive!

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Digital Railroader

Ed No, I am going to be runnin a small layout and will operate on DC. Does one still need resistors in this application?

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