Road rail milk tanks

Am working on a beer tank and a milk tank as per . . .
formatting link

Can anyone confirm the livery for the mid 1950s milk tank trailer - My notes
say bottom definately brown, upper part possibly cream, with a sub not to
the effect that white markings show up well on the upper part. My notes show
. . .
formatting link

Also if anyone has a copy of LMS Coaches Vol 1 there are pictures of an
LMS road-rail milk tank wagon on pages 130 (foot) and 131 - if anyone has
access to same, is bored and could scan those for me I would appreciate it -
I have a sketch I made about 15 years ago (based on Roche drawing G/114)
but it doesn't show the securing points (well my sketch doesn't)
I built one many years ago, not very well and with no securing chains, have
managed to get it apart and would like to re-built it properly (with a
better tank trailer for one thing).
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