SW2k5SP1.1 Sketch Bug?

I've upgraded to SP1.1 from SP0.1 and on the whole a lot of the bugs seem to
be fixed but I think a new one has appeared.
Now, I like to work without "dynamic highlight from graphics view" on as I
find itmakes working in dense sketches a chore. I also hate the little
"balls" that SW now adds onto your sketch entity ends (points) so I have
"Display Entity points in part/assembly sketches" turned off also....
basically this enables me to use it like every SWX was before 2003.
Now, when I want to select an entity endpoint it no longer highlights when I
click it. I can SELECT it (as in it shows up in the add-relations dialog box
in the task manager) but it doesn't show up in the graphics view with a
"selected highlight" around it... it makes picking points etc for adding
sketch relations almost impossible as you don't know what's selected and
what's not unless you know each point in the sketch by its' number.
Now it woks how it SHOULD if you turn dynamic highlight back on... but I
odn't want to do this. If the sketch points are shown, the highlight doesn't
show up still, but the "ball" turns to the highlighted colour showing that
it's picked.... it's a workaround but one I don't blimmin' want to do. I've
spent AGES going through the options try a fix but to no avail! Anyone else
have a fix or experienced this problem?
Cheers muchly,
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George Maddever
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Hello George- I cannot duplicate your problem. I set my settings just like yours and the "endpoints" and "centerpoints" "highlight" when I run my cursor over them. 2005 SP01.1 Best Regards, Devon T. Sowell
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Devon T. Sowell
I'm seeing a similar problem as you, but only if I'm in HLR, HLV, or Wireframe, and if I'm NOT using draft quality. Edges won't highlight if I select them, but if I select endpoints, they will highlight. I haven't found a solution other than to use draft quality mode (which I dislike), but I'm gonna talk to my VAR and see if they can help.
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