missing detail drawing view

Has anyone else seen this: SW2008 sp2.0,

- create detail view (style: per standard)

- add dimensions to newly created detail view

- right click on detail circle, select 'edit sketch'

- exit sketch

- detail view's dims and notes still there, but part is gone

- nothing in hidden edges

- nothing in hidden components

- changing parent view to shaded makes part in detail view show up as shaded

- change parent view back to HLR and detail part goes away again

Tried rebuild part model, rebuild assembly, rebuild drawing - nothing.

Is this a know bug? One of my clients running same SW ver/sp on completely different machine and graphics card found problem and it duplicates on my machine perfectly.

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I saw this too yesterday....Just saved the document and detail veiw disappeared. Had to edit sketch on deatail circle to get it back.

// Krister

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We have the same problem in 2007 SP 5.0

I change the scale and save, and then change it back and it comes back in most cases.

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Editing the sketch was the action that broke the view in the first place. Tried editing again today, but still broke. Tried changing detail and parent views to HLV, HLR, shaded in various combinations. Saved, closed, reopened, rebuilt drawing -still broke.

Tried changing scale of both views, custom and 'use parent'. nothing. SW2008 SP2.0 Nvidia Quadro FX1500, 4gb ram, Win XP Pro. - but again, my client who first found the problem is using different machine, video card, etc.

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And I'm on a 64bit system with SWx64 edition so I thought that was the problem, coz I haven't seen it on the laptop yet....

SW 2008 x64 Edition Sp 2.0

8Gb ram Quadro FX 1700 XP Pro 64bit

// Krister

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seem to be having the same issue here on 2007 sp 5.0 the only way i've found to consistently bring it back is to change the properties of the drawing view to point to a different config, or to toggle the exploded status of the view, apply, and then change it back. this is hard to do if your part has only 1 config and no exploded views. oh and of course next time you open the drawing it will dissappear again.

sw07 sp5.0 xp pro 32 bit athlon 64 dual core

2gb ram GeForce 7950gt


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