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Is there a known bug when creating a detail view when the views (both parent and detail) are in shade mode? It does not crop the detail view correctly. When the display mode is changed to any wireframe mode, it looks ok. I have SW2004 sp0.0


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Interesting - I just tried it on a drawing I'm working on. I had a view with a detail off of it, both hidden lines removed (HLR) and the detail is fine. I then changed both to shaded, and still fine. Then, with the parent shaded, I created another detail view. This one I let be shaded and it has extra stuff being shown. Not connected, but hovering above the view. Changing it and/or the parent back & forth didn't matter - as long as the detail was shaded, it had the extra stuff. So then I changed the parent to HLR, and created another detail view. It followed the parent as HLR and was ok until I changed just the detail to shaded - extra stuff.

If you move the view around the extra stuff goes with it, however, if the view is scrolled off the screen, but the extra stuff is still on the screen, that stuff will then disappear.

More later.


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Wayne Tiffany

I know that if You have visible surfaces involved in an assembly or part and make a section cut, the surfaces will show in the drawing up even though they are far beside the section cut. Haven't checked if it is the same with detail views ....but it sounds a little bit like that with Your "extra stuff"

Krister L

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Krister L

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