Explode Line Sketch in Detail Views of Drawings

I have created an assembly. And in the assembly I have several
configurations. Some configs have exploded states with exploded line
sketches. When I create the drawings for the assemblies I want to show
the overall exploded view including the explode line sketch, and also
some Detail Views. Everything looks OK on my screen. But when I
print, create PDF, or print preview, the explode line sketches do not
get "cropped" in the Detail Views. In other words, I have exploded
lines that show outside the detail area. Any idea how this happens?
I'm new to the group, but been reading for years. How can I attach a
pdf or jpg?
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This may possibly be a bug. An explode line is really a 3D sketch. It may be that 3D sketch entities don't get trimmed in a detail. Just a thought.
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I've been trying different scenarios. And it has to do with Isometric Views, Shaded w/edges display styles, the type of detail circle, and whether the detail view is linked to the parent or not. Also, changing display styles in certain order affects the outcome. I'm narrowing it down, but I still get some other squiggle lines when I print. These squiggles have nothing to do with the explode line sketch. Any ideas where these come from?
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In theory, you can't. In practice, some news servers will strip out any attachments, so some readers will be able to see them and many of us won't. The proper way to do it is to post the files on some website and then give the link in the text of your message.
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