displayed line thickness

I am once again working for a company that is converting from Acad to
SW and I am trying to create their drawing templates. I have them setup
where they will print OK, the line weights look good when printed but
the thickness of the line on the screen is excessive and makes the
drawing look bad on the screen. How can I go about changing how thick a
line looks on the screen but not its line weight when printing?
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1. open any drawing or template 2. File -> Print 3. click line weights 4. enter the value you want that line thickness to actually print at.
I am not sure if this is actually stored in the template or not. If not you will have to set this on everyone's machine. You will have to test to see.
Hope that helps. Steve Tietz
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Out of curiousity, what version of SW and what video card are they using? My lines in drawings and edges of parts appear very thick since moving to 2006 ( using a Fire GL T-2 128 ) and I'd also like to be able to change their on-screen appearance. Actual printing looks great.
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