Ice Thickness

I am desperately looking for a sensor that will measure Ice Thickness (from 0 to 50 mm of ice builtup) to be used in refrigeration systems. Anyone has any idea who makes them?


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This problem can be solved using ultrasound sensors, but I haven't heard about the company, that is allready selling such sensors. I assume, that such sensor must be developed. If you you are interested, I can help you.

Wieslaw Bicz

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Wieslaw Bicz

I would suggest an analog capacitative sensor. This will detect the increase in Er as the ice/water replaces air. It will work through sheet plastic or glass.

You will need to calibrate you analog output if you really want to measure thickness. I suggest you use sheet plastic of equicalent Er to water or learn how to freez panes of water or just make ice.

Just an example:

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Specifications This device has a 40mm square integral sensor with two, 6-32 threaded inserts. These inserts allow you to add an expanded sensing element, for increased sensitivity or application-specific customization of the sensing element.

It has a 1-6 VDC analog output, which is linear with respect to capacitance.

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The Enlightenment

Plastic has an Er or 2 to 3.

Water has an Er of 80.

NOTHING has an Er similar to water.


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