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What is a water cooled chiller?
A water cooled chiller is a refrigeration system that is used to cool liquids in a wide range of commercial and industrial facilities. Within the chiller are contained the essential components: an...
Faller car system pc module
Can someone please explain how would the Pc 161351 module be used with the analog car system. Faller is saying to me that yes it is compatible but I don’t understand how would it be able to...
PID loop tuning software pricing
If anyone out there can help share me the subject information. I'm not looking at exact number but some rough estimate. Thank you in advanced.
Drive Shaft Structural Characteristics
Here are the structural characteristics of drive shafts shared by Drive Shaft Suppliers, please feel free to contact us if you need The drive shaft is a high speed, less supported rotating body, so...
Walter Dreiger
It has been a while since I partook here, but I had to do this to impart so me sad news. One of this groups former contributors, has sadly passed away. I for one ha ve fond memories of the advice,...
6th International Conference on Control, Modeling and Computing (CMC 2020) -July 11~12, 2020, Toronto, Canada
6th International Conference on Control, Modeling and Computing (CMC 2020) July 11~12, 2020, Toronto, Canada Scope 6th International Conference on Control, Modeling and Computing (CMC 2020) will...
Free telemetry packet processing software (TPS)
Free telemetry packet processing software See the zip file 'TPSDIST.ZIP' free download at: towards bottom of home page We stopped developing TPS in 2009, when it ran fine on Windows NT/XP. Used to...
Principle Behind Sisotool Optimization Tuning Method
Hello, I designed a controller through sisotool by using the auto tuning: Optimization Based Tuning Method. I want to learn the idea behind this method, like what is the optimzation function? How do...
Peter Ponders PID YouTube Channel
The name sounds basic but I am actually targeting control professionals and those with math skills to understand the math behind the control theory. This channel is NOT YET ANOTHER this gain does this...
Mapping positive definite matrix through a similarity transformation
Hello all, This is my first post on the group. I'm hoping that the group can help me b etter understand something. I'm designing a feedback controller with LQR in Matlab. My LTI model (A,B,C ,D) is...
New Video: Implementing the PID Controller in Software
This video shows you how to implement a PID controller in embedded software. Each element of a PID controller is considered, and I write C code to make it work.
Being an electrical engineer come new here and asking something.
Greetings to all, I am new here. I am an electrical engineer. I had been using siemens products(s7 s5 wincc ) for over ten years. Recently, I found this group and joined in. It seems that it is PID...
Learning Root Locus is Useless ( well almost, but I have never used it. )
My videos will concentrate on what people need to know using the tools taht are available today. I despise the propagation of old techniques like Z-N . They are a waste of time and misleading. So is...
Video: What is a PID Controller?
Just posted a video. It's my first real effort and, as videos go, rough as a cob -- but I think the information is solid. I have a 15-minute time limit -- trying to fit an informative video into that...
Got SHITmadzu in your lab?
Working with a group in another lab who are using Shimadzu HPLC... what a freaking nightmare! Equipment doesn't work and Shimadzu service doesn't work either.... constantly down or broken! Reminded me...