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The name sounds basic but I am actually targeting control professionals and those with math skills to understand the math behind the control theory.

This channel is NOT YET ANOTHER this gain does this and that gain does that channel. This channel is not meant for the "tweak gains and drink coffee" people either. I want to provide insight that many control books don't pr ovide because my approach is based on symbolic math instead of arrays of nu mbers.

If you don't understand Laplace transforms and differential equations don't bother. My analytics tell me that most people bail out probably because t hey don't understand the math. Those that stay and understand give thumbs u p.

My main emphasis is on:

  1. System Identification. Text books seem to think the plant transfer fun ction is know when in reality I have NEVER seen a system supplied with a tr ansfer function. All the stuff the text books cover is useless until you h ave the plant transfer function.
  2. Pole placement. Tuning should be done "backwards". Instead of tweaking gains an looking at the results one should pick the desired response, wher e the poles should be to achieve that response and calculate the controller gains to place the closed loop poles at the desired location.
  3. Model based/observer based control. The main purpose is to estimate the first, second and even third derivative of the process variable if needed.

I am a little irreverent towards instructors that teach control theory the same old way they have been taught. Much of what they teach may be right bu t useless in real world applications.

Peter Nachtwey President Delta Computer Systems, Inc.

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hi peter, yes, i have followed a few of your videos. thanks for sharing!

on plctalk you mention: I also implented a faster way to compute the LQR gains the link to the paper isn't valid anymore. but i would like to read this paper :-)

can you publish it using dropbox or a similar source.

best robert

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