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RIsense Value for Basso's PWM-CM Model
Hello, I am trying to simulate a buck and a boost converter using Christophe Basso's generic PWM models (in LTSpice) for voltage mode controlled and current mode controlled switched mode power...
7 years ago
Foundation Fieldbus Microcontrollers
Hi Everybody, I am trying to build a positioner with Foundation Fieldbus support. The system architecture would consist of: a. Analog In (4 - 20 mA for position set-point input in manual mode). b....
10 years ago 3
Atencion Venezuela Curso Basico de PLC
Gratas noticias, INTRAVE no solo sigue siendo su distribuidor OMRON, para el 2007 agrega Cursos OMRON al catalogo de Cursos de Programaci=F3n de PLCs y estos son: -Curso Basico de Programaci=F3n de...
15 years ago
honeywell tdc3000
Hi. I'd would like to know if anyboy could help in my DCS migration. Today I have a TDC3000 and I'm intending to make a full subsitution of this system to ABB AC800 or Yokogawa CS3000. First, I'd like...
15 years ago 16
Question on refinery distillation column behaviour
I have a debutanizer column with feed consist of C1 hydrocarbon up to 180degC FBP Heavy Naphtha cut. The column is meant to split light hydrocarbon which ends up at the top and naphtha (light and...
15 years ago 6
SQL DateTime data type insert from InTouch
Iam trying to write to a DateTime field in MSSQL from wonderware intouch. The problem is that I keep getting the error that the string I'm using is not a valid datetime string.....has anybody...
16 years ago 1
Debug files in RSLogix 500
Hi, can someone please direct me to a document that describes debug files in RSLogix 500 for simulating inputs when using RSEmulate 500. I'm using a MicroLogix 1200B PLC. Thanks, Ashish.
16 years ago
Generating "Random" values in PLC-5/SLC500
Anybody have a clever way of doing this? I have been using a maximal length ring counter to create 65536 pseudo random steps, which is about all you can expect, but I wonder if there is a more clever...
16 years ago 8
What, A SLC 500 for only $1.25 on Ebay?
You may not believe this, but right now on Ebay there is a SLC 500 for only 1.25 See for your self ... For a used 5/01 by itself, I'd say that's about right. I see they REALLY upgraded with a 5/05......
17 years ago 6
Need Omron S3D manual
I need a manual or any other documentation on using the Omron S3D/S3D-P Sensor Controller and programmer. I can't seem to find much info at all on the web on these items. Can someone lead me to a...
17 years ago 2
Temperature control
Hi guys. I am new to control area. I have got a task. There is room with central heating, fancoil, ventilation, warm floor, one window, one door. And I have to develop system that would be able to...
17 years ago 36
bode plots
this is a really stupid question. I am finishing 4 years of electrical engineering so I'm familiar with Bode plots. we've seen bode plots in many courses, including control systems, however, never...
18 years ago 23
abb pm810v2
hello i'm from poland. i'm looking for any manuals,information about abb controller pm810v2. i need to know what software is for this controller. regards seba
18 years ago
Siemens S5/S7 Floating-Point Formats
Does anyone have a description of the Siemens S5 and S7 floating-point formats? A web search finds a conversion library at which I could buy, but I don't need all the other functions it contains....
18 years ago 2
[PLC] programming cable for FESTO controller
Hi! I'm a student of Silesian University of Technology (in Gliwice, Poland), and I have a task - I must repair a broken program in FESTO controllers. It's a simple thing, but I have a one difficult...
16 years ago 8
single-phase alpha-beta / dq transformation
Hello everyone. I am currently working on a single phase converter and need a to controll the current. In my struggle to design the control-system I have found out that it would become much easier if...
17 years ago 2
Where to put valve limit switches
I am doing an automation upgrade to a steam superheater at our gas plant. Upgrading from pneumatic control and hard wire logic to DCS and PLC. I have a question about opinions on where to put valve...
18 years ago 5
DCS... PLC... and DSP...
Hello ... Saw this topic on the newsgroup quite sometime ago. Will like to share my views. PLC are machines that perform control function via it's input and output port. It can be a very complex...
18 years ago 9
Converting Ladder Diagram to Structured text
I want to convert a Ladder Diagram to Structured text. Does anyone know if there is a tool or program to do this automatically? I wrote something years ago for my MS to convert ladder diagrams to HLL...
18 years ago 10
Updated version of ISA S20 specification sheets
Hi, The TR20.00.01-2001 (with new data sheets) has been available since 2004. Has any end user / engineering consultant replaced the old (1981) ISA S20 format instrument data sheets with the new TR20...
15 years ago 1