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I am looking for an insert that can be pressed into an Aluminum block that has an 0-80 thread. I've tried most of the major manufacturers and the smallest they go is 4-40. Does anyone know of a manufacturer that makes inserts that small?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Bob Sanderson
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I've got a couple sets of taps & dies for 0-80 that I can't ever seee using. If that helps, drop me an email. Send me something about the same value or something; I just don't do anything that small.

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Dave Hinz

It looks like finding press in type thread inserts in 0-80 for metal might indeed be fruitless. This link:

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for a page describing brass inserts for pressing into plastic. They are available in 0-80. MSC also has brass inserts for plastic in this size. It looks like heli-coil type inserts only go down to 2-56. What about buying standoffs with an 0-80 thread? They are not made for pressing into a plate but there's nothing saying you can't use 'em this way. ERS

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Eric R Snow

Keensert makes a stainless steel threaded insert in 0-80. The outer thread is 6-40 as I recall


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I suppose the reason that they don't seem to exist in brass, anyway, is that the wall wouldn't be thick enough to withstand the stress of pressing, particularly in alumimum. Maybe you could get some mfr to sell you some inserts with NO hole at all, insert them, then drill and tap 'em.

Come to think it, one could press in a larger insert (let's say 6/32), screw and locktite an appropriate screw into that, then drill and tap

0-80. Maybe one could even get lucky and find a brass allen set screw that might be close to the 0-80 tap drill size. A lot of fooling around, obviously, but no problems getting the inserts.

Pete Stanaitis


Bob Sanders> I am looking for an insert that can be pressed into an Aluminum block that

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