Anyone know the name of the company that makes make 1-1 scale plastic models of firearms. I'm after an M16 rifle for a museum display. They used to be made during the 70's -80's, but I cant find any info on current suppliers or manufacturers. Any help greatly appreciated.


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Wasn't that LS?

I bought a few of the pistols when I was based in Hong Kong in the early



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Chris Hughes

Just saw them a week ago in the local hobbytown store. They had a pretty good assortment from really old pistols to really modern offerings. A flintlock was 32$, and I didnt look any further. Sorry, didnt notice a maker.

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castvee8 wrote in news:1181872431.503524.29400

The company that acquired Lindberg is rereleasing much of there old stuff. I thought the pistols i'd seen were cheaper than that, though.


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Gray Ghost

is the store online? what is the name and address? thank you.

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and they can look really good with modern finishes and paint. i saw that pennsyltucky done by an artiste.

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Pyro was the US company that made the guns that are apparently coming around again. I had the two cap & ball Colts, the Blunderbuss and the Dutch flintlock pistol. I still have the, Pennsylvania Rifle. They are relatively simple kits compared to L-S's models. IIRC, their origin goes back to the '50s.

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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Might even go back further. I found in a couple of old issues of "Air Trails" magazines about a company called Constructo, which in May of

1954 had a line of 23 different 1:1 firearm models. All of the Pyro models except for the Blunderbus, the wheellock pistols and Baverian wheellock rifle are included in the lineup as well as a Luger, a Colt automatic and a number of flintlocks that are different from the Pyro designs. The biggest difference is that these models aren't plastic, they're made from wood and metal pieces. The wood pieces were shaped and appear to be fairly well detailes as well. Has anyone else heard of this company? The ad was from Polk's in New York City, so I don't know where this company was from. Actually, now I do. I just Googled the company and they're still in business. They produce a line of wooden sailing ship models and woodworking tools. No firearms in their catalog, however.
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The Old Man


I have the M-16. The name of the company is L&S CO., LTD. I also have the thompson machine gun and most of the hand guns. I'm getting ready to sell off 600 of my models and the LS and Pyro are part of that group. I'm not into ebay but I also know the LS are rare and expensive. I sell my kits in order to purchase newer ones.

If you are interested in this one let me know. I will have to research a little to come up with a price. I expect good money for the kit but I lost my mind on ebay is not my style.

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There are some 1/1 scale replicas out there. The National Firearms Museum in the NRA Headquarters in Virginia has a gift shop that sells

1/1 scale models and IIRC they had an M16 replica for about $85. You may want to see if you can Google the museum and its shop for availability.

Cookie Sewell

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