repeat regions - family table instance names.

I have a repeat region displaying a family table, and in this family
table, the instances have a part number followed by a suffix, e.g.
I have done this before but can't remember how as it has been so long
but I want the repeat region to display only the 12345, i.e. remove the
suffix. How do I do this? Is it with a relation or a filter?
Any help will be greatly appreciated and if you need more info, just
let me know.
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I'm relatively new to ProE (3 months), but I would add a column to your family table for a "suffix" parameter. Each family table instance would then have a different suffix parameter that you could reference in the repeat region.
skyap wrote:
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It would be best to create a 2-D repeat region for family table references. The names of the members and parameter values for each can then be displayed. A minimum of a 2x2 cell structure is needed to start. Look up "Pro/REPORT System Parameters" in HELP for the neccessary parameters.
MNM wrote:
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got it sorted, I was using a 2-D table and when using a 2D table I couldn't get rpt.rel.USER_DEFINED to display anything, however, if I used each column as a simple table filtering out each paramater I wished to display, I could then use the report relation...
new_number = EXTRACT(fam_inst_name,1,STRING_LENGTH(fam_inst_name)-4)
which removed the last four characters of each family table instance name, thus removing my suffix. I then used rpt.rel.new_number to show this in my table.
try it and you will see what I mean ;)
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whoa, just like programming. looked everywhere, how'd you find it? care to share?
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David Janes
I actually found it originally on the web somewhere using good old google! It was like a tutorial or article someone had written. This time though, I found it in a folder hidden away of stuff I printed because at one point I found them useful!! Just took me a while to remember that.
I'd still rather do this with a 2D table but it would seem you can't use the report relation in a 2D repeat region so if you can find any other way of doing it, please let me know!
The extract function doesn't seem to be listed in any of the help files I have but I did find this list of commands you can use in relations in Pro...
http://silverst> whoa, just like programming. looked everywhere, how'd you find it? care to > share?
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