Generating a BoM with Repeat Regions, Family tables and parameters --- Help !

I have a component in an assembly that I want to include in a BoM on
the drawing (a repeat region) but I need to change the name that
appears in the BoM.
The name I want is stored in the family table of the assembly.
I've tried a number of different techniques but the best I can get is
a blank entry in the relevant column.
I've created a relation in the drawing's repeat region (see below)
which detects the incorrect part name (1st line) and should substitute
the correct name (label_part_no) to a parameter (my_part_no). The
remaining lines make sure anything that doesn't match is processed
normally. The repeat region then enters the parameter my_part_no into
the relevant column. This generates a table with a blank entry.
If I substitute "this is a test" for label_part_no , I get the text
entered into the column !!
if asm_mbr_name == "FAN_SIZE_60"
my_part_no = label_part_no
my_part_no = asm_mbr_name
Does anyone have any suggestions ?
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Peter j Francis
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I am assuming that 'label_part_no' is a parameter name of your part.
Try this: instead of just label_part_no, try asm_mbr_label_part_no
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Hi Arlin, Thanks for the reply , I've tried as you've suggested and I still get a blank cell in the table. I can't think what else to try :-(
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Peter j Francis
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Still assuming label_part_no is a part (asm_mbr) parameter; use asm_mbr_label_part_no as Arlin said. You will also have to (I believe; I know nil about this but have gotten it to work in the past) add a column to your repeat region and make it show the values of label_part_no. I guess that for some reason the repeat region relation cannot "see" the model parameter until that's done. Once you get everything set up you can delete the label_part_no column from the table and things should continue to work fine.
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Jeff Howard

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