BOM sub assy

Anyone know how to show sub assy parts lists within a BOM table on a drawing
using Repeat regions. I know it can be done just can't remember as its so
long since I set one up. I think you have to use nested repeated regions but
can't remember
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Ian Wild
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I am not the best in Pro-E but this is how I do it:
Although not automatic, in drawing mode, after creating / importing a BOM Table in v2001 and WF go to: Table, Repeat Region, Flat/Rec Item
Select the repeat region, and then the items(sub-assemblies) to 'expand'
This will show all of the sub assembly items one level down (only?)
After this I use Filter to exclude the assembly item from the BOM
I believe that there is also a way to indent the items in the sub assembly in the BOM, but I don't use it
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