Balloon sub-assy based on the BOM of the parent assy?

Is it possible to balloon the items in a drawing view of a sub-assembly such that the numbering is based on the BOM of the parent assembly, which is shown on the same drawing?

Basically, I want to avoid the hassle of either:-

- creating another parent assy config that has everything but the relevant sub-assy suppressed, and then making a view of it - or alternatively of having to hide all the extraneous components in a view of the parent assy so that just the sub-assy is left visible.

Difficult to explain succinctly, so I hope this is clear!

TIA John H

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John H
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Do the sub-assembly components need to be included in the parent subassembly?

It would be easiest to have the subassembly called out in your parent assembly, and a seperate drawing and BOM for your subassembly.

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The sub-assy only exists to simplify the CAD assembly (mates etc) and to make it easier to animate it. In the real world it is one kit of parts assembled at one time.

The structure is essentially (greatly simplified):-

Assy 1 Part 1 Part 2 Sub-assy 1 Part 3 Part 4

So the BOM for "Assy 1" is Item Part # =========

1 Part 1 2 Part 2 3 Part 3 4 Part 4

But I want to balloon Part 1 and Part 2 in a separate view that only shows Sub-assy1. The balloon numbers should still be "3" and "4", as per the item numbers in the BOM.

John H

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John H

We did this all the time but used configurations and HID the parts we didn't want to show in the drawing view in each of the configurations. In 2006 & 2007 they added display states that are supposed to be for this same thing. Display states seem to work about half the time though. If you just drop a view in of the sub assembly, the balloons will never match up.

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