SW BOM balloon on a part file

Put a view of a part in a drawing, add a SW BOM to call out the material, such as FLAT BAR, 3/8" x 4" HRS. Now, say that you have 5 of these on a drawing and so you start the numbering of the first BOM at 1, the second at

2, etc. Then some people like to balloon the single part in the drawing view and expect it to match whatever is in the BOM field. It doesn't.

Is there any rhyme or reason for this? I figure that the balloons are inserting and being controlled in the order they occur in the model file, which in the case of a part file will always be 1. But you could also make the case that the balloon should automatically match the Item Number field in the respective BOM. I tried it in SW 2005, 2006, 2007, all with the same results.


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Wayne Tiffany
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This is interesting Wayne. I was considering doing something like this myself for basically the exact same thing you described. Looks like i'll have to re think that one if now!

Sorry i cant offer any answers at this point.


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Try using a customer property in the part for the BOM number, then put it in the bom and hide the item number column.

peace, Diego

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