"Select highlighted balloon to take quantity from"

The problem with this message is usually that the 'highlighted' quantity balloon is on another sheet and the brilliant authors of Pro/e are mocking you by graying out the change sheet icon. IOW, you can't get to the quantity balloon to select it. Cute, huh!?! Here's a way to out fox them: 1.. find out what the component/find number is that you're trying to place; you may have to go back to the model to identify the component, then look up its find number in the BOM 2.. if you have created an itial view to place all the balloons on, locating the correct item balloon should be easy since there will be one balloon per item when you've placed them all 'by view' 3.. select the relevant balloon, then RMB 'Move item to view': this DOES let you change sheets so go to the sheet that needs the balloon and pick the view 4.. do 'Table>BOM balloons>Create' again; now you'll have available the balloon to take the quantity from 5.. for housekeeping purposes, you can reverse the 'Move item to view' and put the balloon back where it came from, or, for that matter, move it to any relevant view. And if you don't know what sheet/view is relevant, you can just keep moving the balloon until it alights on something clearly relevant. David Janes

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