Item numbers don't match bill material!

Has anyone seen this problem, 2004 sp5 the item numbers that a put on the
drawing don't match the items numbers in the solidworks bom? If so is there
a fix?
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Peter Cram
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In order for the balloons to match the BOM, you have to do one of two things:
1-The drawing view must be of the same configuration of the same assembly as the drawing view to which the BOM is attached.
2-Lock view focus on the drawing view to which the BOM is attached while placing balloons on other views. You won't be able to drag a balloon from one component to another and have the correct item number.
This IS documented in the help somewhere, I just can't remember where. Someone please jump in if I've left something out.
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Dale Dunn
Item numbers don't show properly through Broken-Out sections I have reported this but haven't heard that is has been fixed. To work around you have to attach to edges only and not surfaces in broken-out sections.
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Same applies to interfering bodies, i.e. if you have a PEM Fastener in the assembly. This may be fixed in SWX2005 SP2 have yet to try it.
John Layne
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John Layne
You could try doing this, select a view that you already ballooned. Then RMB and go to 'Properties...' for that view. In the lower left corner, check the box to 'Keep linked to BOM' and make sure you select the correct BOM from the drop down list. Usually 'Bill Of Materials1'. This always fixes that problem for me.
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Richard Charney

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